When you open a bottle of MICROBE-LIFT SEPTIC SYSTEM and CESSPOOL TREATMENT there is a “rotten egg” smell. The odor is totally harmless, it dissipates within seconds, and it is there for a very good reason. The product is designed to naturally produce hydrogen sulfide and to serve important functions. The hydrogen sulfide acts like an anesthetic to put the bacteria to sleep. When you open the bottle and pour MICROBE-LIFT SEPTIC SYSTEM and CESSPOOL TREATMENT into your pond, the hydrogen sulfide flashes off and dilutes in the water allowing the bacteria to wake up and become active again.

So, why buy a product that smells like rotten eggs? Because it’s simply the best product on the market! All MICROBE-LIFT products are unconditionally guaranteed to assure your customer’s satisfaction.

Drastically Reduces Septic System and Tank Odors

When first applying, there is a slight odor due to the hydrogen sulfide, which is naturally produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria in the product. The hydrogen sulfide provides an energy source for bacteria, which oxidizes hydrogen sulfide. A little odor is released upon application and is gone in minutes.

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