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At we are pleased to offer what we believe is the very best product technology there is for septic systems at a fair price. The bacterial products we feature are non-toxic and highly effective. They are safe to use around pets, plants and people. Check out our full line of microbial problem solvers.



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About Septic Joe…

I started my life in a Septic family business and from an early age was involved in providing service to homeowners and businesses that relied on septic systems to treat their wastewater effluent.

While servicing our customers, we grew to appreciate the business our neighbors gave us and we wanted to service them the best way we could. It seemed they always asked what they could do to protect their septic system from failure.

Over time we witnessed the ability of Pro-Pump/HC to resolve many septic problems, such as failing drain fields, odor issues, and the ability to reduce septic tank solids. Tank solids weren’t building up as much and odor was down. This is why we recommend Pro-Pump Septic Solutions to this day. Take it from an old hand– Pro-Pump is the best because it works!

So please feel free to browse around and contact us with any questions.

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