The #1 Septic Tank Cleaner, Drain Clog Remover, Cesspool & Leach Field Treatment!

Keep your septic system flowing with the finest septic tank product available. MICROBE-LIFT full spectrum anaerobic bacteria is manufactured under a proprietary process which has been verified by independent laboratory tests to contain the highest levels of anaerobic bacteria. All bacteria contained in this product are derived from 100% natural sources.

  • Dramatically reduces odors.
  • Improves Septic System Performance.
  • MICROBE-LIFT will treat your leach field.
  • Stops your leach field from percolating and pooling up.
  • 100% non-toxic.

Microbe-Lift’s 100% fully matured anaerobic bacteria goes to work in situations where there is no air present (your septic system). It is harmless to man, animal, plant life, and is 100% safe to groundwater.

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