Pro-Pump – Questions and Answers

Q. Why does the product have a sulfur odor when first applied? The odor comes from hydrogen sulfide which is naturally produced by sulfate-reducing bacteria in the product. The hydrogen sulfide serves two purposes. (1) It helps to preserve bacteria giving the product its long shelf-life. (2) It provides an energy source for bacteria in the product which oxidize hydrogen sulfide. That’s how the product works to control these odors. What little odor is released upon application disappears within minutes.

Q. Do you add coloring to PRO-PUMP because it has a rich purple cast in the jug? No, we do not add coloring agents or dyes to the product. The color comes from pigments that are naturally synthesized by bacterial cultures in the product for the purple sulfur bacteria group which are 100% natural.


Septic Tanks: What You Need to Know

Q. Can you name some of the types of home-care products used today that impede the bacteria that are necessary for an adequate and proper septic operation?
Some examples of the “culprit” products are excess acids, antiseptics, bleach, caustic drain openers, cleaning compounds, chlorine materials, disinfectants, lotions, medical residue, polishes, sink & tub cleaners, and toilet cleaners.

Q. Will common home-care products such as soap and detergents harm the effectiveness of PRO-PUMP?
The modern home uses a myriad of cleaning products; all of them have some effect on your septic system. The bacteria cultures in PRO-PUMP are resistant to many of these products and will actually break them down to harmless by-products. Overloading your system with those products will require a lengthier period of time for PRO-PUMP to degrade these materials. Common sense and following manufacturer’s dosages will save you money and extend the useful life of PROM-PUMP in your system.


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