• QUALITY INGREDIENTS- The Microbe-Lift Shock Treatment benefits your entire system by giving a potent boost of bacteria and is guaranteed to digest grease, fat, oils, and tissue while treating your entire system. One bottle of Microbe-Lift Flush N’ GoShock Treatment treats an entire residential septic system from tank to drainfield.


  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE- Microbe-Lift- Shock Treatment is all-natural, contains no chemicals, is non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and safe to groundwater. The bacteria in all Microbe-Lift products are essential to the proper operation and maintenance of septic systems. They are also harmless to humans, animals, and plants.


  • EASY TO USE - just pour it in your toilet and flush! Our Shock Treatment is guaranteed to work every time.


  • FOR BEST RESULTS- MICROBE-LIFT FLUSH ‘N GO SHOCK TREATMENT establishes a healthy bacteria colony in your septic system. To sustain this colony and keep your septic system working properly, follow up with FLUSH ‘N GO SYSTEM MAINTAINER. For troubled systems, use the higher potency FLUSH ‘N GO SYSTEM RESTORE. 


  • UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE: If MICROBE-LIFT fails to meet the standards as stated in the directions, we will replace the product absolutely free to assure success. Please send a dated sales receipt plus our UPC symbol from the bottom of the label. This guarantee is void if you use acids or caustics in the system. Guarantee does not cover line blockages. 


  • Put an end to your septic issues and check out more of Microbe-Lift’s earth-friendly products and what they can do for you in your home. 




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