Bio-Remediation kits are used to recover failing or failed systems. The Pro-Pump/HC live bacteria, a special bio-enzymatic solution and oxygen release compound are mixed together to speed up the metabolizing of solids that can form a bio mat in the drain field that prevents wastewater from filtering through the ground. This product will require assistance from a professional septic system service provider.

The Small Home Bio-Remediation kit is designed for use with homes that have no more than 3 Bedrooms.

For homes with four or more bedrooms you will need the Super Bio-Remediation kit. This kit contains extra product because the size of the drain field corresponds to the size of your home. Bigger homes will have larger drain fields and as a result there is the potential for a much larger and thicker bio mat. We introduce Pro-Pump/HC in the bio-remediation kits to metabolize this bio mat and return your septic system to normal performance.

The Pro-Pump Bio-remediation Super Kit (for homes with 4 or more bedrooms) contains: 4 gallons of Pro-Pump/HC, 1 gallon of Pro-Pump/SA and 4 lbs. of Pro-Pump/OX.

Detailed instructions are included with each kit!

Additional info

Additional info

Weight 800 oz
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 13 in


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